2 aspects which explain the reflection essay

We have heard about different types of essays, and the reflection essay is one part of it. The reflection essay is used to describe an event or experience. We can say expert resume writer that analyze the whole experience and what we learn. In a simple concept, the reflective essay gives lots of knowledge like analyzing the data and frames it in an essay. It requires the express the thoughts and emotions of the writer. The central aspect of the essay is to explain the history or an image. The writer makes it more interesting for the reader by including some thesis and feelings of the experience.

What can you write?

The reflective essay includes some common aspects which are given below:

  • Real occurrence
  • Imagination
  • Any place or a particular thing
  • Your own experience

Purpose of reflective essay

Most of the teachers have been explaining different types of, but they may not clear about reflective essay. Some writer uses to write a reflective essay because they can include their own experience and imagination. There are some professionals and students were using this essay.


The essay is used to summarize some aspects to get a response. Through the help of literature, it is easy to understand, and then you can relate it in your own life experience and imagination.


There are several kinds of professional which use this type of essay to write. It helps the students to perform better in their classes. Some of are:

  • Medical field: they write about the patients which they check. They use this essay to explain all the things about the patients carefully.
  • Teachers: the teachers were using this type of essay in doing case studies for students. Teachers make a better lesson plan to explain to the students in a better way.
  • Social workers: They use this type of essay is to analyze the clients’ problem and environment. They can persuade the clients to write some experiences about their services.
  • Business: the business use reflection essay to write the assignment to analyze the interaction of business and how to improve it.


Here and there teachers will request that students react to an address or another school task with the goal that they can demonstrate what they get it. Expounding on what you are realizing can likewise enable you to share and collaborate with different understudies, just as the educator.

Thus, these are some things which help you in forming an effective reflection essay.