We are proud to announce LavAzza coffee is here!

Schedule of events

LavAzza coffee giveaway Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, all day, from our family, for our friends!

Why not have your next business meeting at the Country Bistro? Delicious coffee, espresso, cappucino and fresh baked pastries await you and your office mates, committee members, or debate team. Call 860-435-9420 to reserve.

About the coffee

Lavazza Coffee

Our passion for coffee, its culture and processing 

Every year Lavazza selects the best coffees  from plantations all over the world in order to create our specialised  blends – for the moka pot, with which we brew our breakfast coffee; the  espresso we drink at the bar after lunch; and the cappuccino from the  vending machine, for our coffee break at work.

The sublime  balance of each blend is obtained by mixing several types of coffee,  which differ in terms of quality (Arabica or Robusta), type of  processing (washed or natural) and, lastly, country of origin. All the  specific benefits and characteristics of these different elements are  integrated and compounded to produce a perfectly balanced coffee, with a  distinctive flavour, aroma and body.